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"Bringing beauty + fun to any occasion"

Felicia Llanos has always had a knack for transforming the ordinary to the dazzling. Coming from humble beginnings, Felicia’s mother always showed her how to do more with less. This was how she learned to appreciate the beauty in the smallest things. Felicia’s passion is driven by her children and her family. She loves bringing them all together for the holidays while creating memories to last a lifetime.

.In 2013, she decided to work part-time as a gift-wrapping specialist for a major department store in NYC. Little did she know, “the spark had been ignited”. After several private requests for her talents, Felicia decided that her clients no longer needed to suffer the inconvenience of lugging gifts around to have them wrapped. She wanted to bring ease and simplicity to another wise hectic and stressful holiday season, and thus her idea of mobile, luxury gift-wrapping was born.


In 2015, Felicia found yet another way to harness her artistic creativity and became a certified balloon artist. After spending 6 days in Tampa studying her new craft and being personally mentored by one of the industry’s top balloon art specialists, Felicia was equipped with the knowledge and skill to create beauty and fun for all occasions.

Felicia continues to wow her clients with different designs. She has learned how to integrate balloons and bows creatively for any occasion and it gives her great pleasure to see her clients’ happiness with her uniquely conjured creations.

Felicia Llanos
Owner & Creative Director
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